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Batman V Superman : Dawn of Justice Review (Mj. SPOILERS )

Posted by Gaurav Vasistha on April 13,2016 , views (544)

So here it is guys!

Finally i have decided to write a review of the long awaited Batman V Superman : Dawn of Justice. I watched it in the second week of its release because of some of reasons but i was careful not to get any spoilers.

It was overall a good movie but i have to tell you that the first part before interval was excruciatingly boring. A friend of mine literally fell asleep .

Second part was awesome though. It makes up for the both parts.

Batman beating up superman was the best part and affleck did a good job as batman then i hoped(I had signed an online petition to remove Ben Affleck as batman)

Supes however, was overshadowed by Bruce Wayne and Luthor. Maybe it was because both are more intelligent than Superman.

Movie as a whole felt a bit rushed and included so many things for the Justice league movie. There were things in the movie which normal people (Non comic book readers) found it difficult to understand like Darkseid's omega symbol in the middle of desert, time travelling flash.

And the part i hated the most in the movie was Batmans visions. This is something completely new that we got. It has been never mentioned in any Batman franchises or comics that batman has visions of things that have not yet happened. I think that zack snyder is not a big fan of Batman and thinks little of him for not having powers. So in order to make Batman be in the justice league he gave him super


Does he not know about the amazing intellect of batman. He doesnt need visions he is awesomely awesome without it. or were those visions just advertisement of the movies yet to come.

When i watched the Christian Bale as batman i was like "wow batman" and all i could think whenever i saw batman in BVS was Ben Affleck playing batman directed by Zack Snyder. Batman needs to be expressionless, whenever he looks at you he will be staring at your soul. He would never act surprised and say "I thought she was with you".

And death of superman felt like it was to make him significant or getting people to talk about it cause everyone knows that superman is not dead. He needs to return in justice league. He was just dying to get attention (Like our Anmol KC).

BVS was a good movie but not something you'd remember like watchmen, The dark knight. It was like Avatar it did earn a lot of money but i dont remember it .

Here's a clip from justice league:war.

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