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"You are under no obligation to be the same person you were five minutes ago"

What is Knowledge?

Knowledge is the personal set of standard of how the things should act. Cool thing about knowledge in humans is that it can be gained through experience or be passed on by other people. Animals too have knowledge but it is mostly gained through experience. What makes humans superior to otheranimals ...Read More

Why wasnt there more efficient way for thanos to control overpopulation?

Thanos is supposed to be an intelligent villain and a visionary. He was regarded as a genius even within his kind and had refined his intellectual aptitude because of his long life. He predicted that his planet was in brink of collapse because of lack of resources. He even suggested plans to ...Read More

Why cant humans be binary?

You've all heard that computers compute in binary. Everything is either true or false. Whereas everything in nature works in between those, and so do the humans. We do not require a 100% truth, we are good just with "truth enough". For us humans if something sounds somewhat truthful, we consider it ...Read More

Birthplace of buddha or country that understands buddha

Buddha was born in Nepal. Is that the truth?? Is that something absolute? Is that what buddha wanted to teach us?? To take pride in his birth or to understand his teachings?? I admit that buddha being born in Nepal would help Nepal get recognition and it would promote the tourism industry but ...Read More

How screwed is littlefinger this season??

Little finger is known as a man who is always prepared. And he himself as said this to people. Even in this season he was telling sansa about how she should fight every battle in her mind so that every battle would not be a surprise to her. While telling this he has been surrounded by starks who ...Read More

​5 reasons for Linkin parks popularity in Nepal

Reason for so many Nepalese people remembering and mourning for Chester is because of Linkin park’s popularity in Nepal. Linkin park became popular all over the world in a small period of time and that included small countries like Nepal too. 5. Nepalese teens started listening to ...Read More

​5 clichés in nepali movies

5. Mustang Mustang is a great place and it has some unique sceneries but that does not mean that every movie needs to have a shot of Mustang whether it is relevant to the story or not. Nowadays, almost all nepali movies have a romantic song shot in mustang. Everyone must have felt ...Read More

5 Things you need to be careful about while riding a motorbike in Kathmandu and ways to avoid them

Streets of Kathmandu have become busier than they have ever been before. Even with all the road expansions and everything the roads are just too crowded. I have listed the things that one must be careful about while riding a bike in Kathmandu. And these are only for fun. If you are anyone of the ...Read More

Reasons why “13 reasons why” is the best series to watch this summer.

“13 reasons why” is a show where a teen named Hannah Baker kills herself and leaves 7 tapes to give 13 reasons for killing herself. As the show progresses more and more shocking new things are revealed. Hanna Baker has created a rule where the person who is on the tapes shall pass the tape to ...Read More

Silicon valley: what’s going to happen next in season 4

Silicon valley season 4 started with Richard’s unwillingness to pivot from his original idea and stepping down as CEO and appointing Dinesh as the CEO of PiperChat, who wasn’t able to handle the pressure of being a CEO for more than one episode. PiperChat failed miserably due to not having an ...Read More