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Bijuli Machine review (Spoiler free)

Posted by Gaurav Vasistha on December 03,2016 , views (3457)

If you want to promote Nepali movies please watch this and not other action packed, punchline packed, time wasting movies. We, as an audience, have the power to get what we want but we have to let the directors know know what type of movie we want. And movies like Bijuli Machine becomes a hit and earns a lot, it will get other directors attention. And they may try to make movies based on real facts. But this is just one mans opinion. You have your free will and can choose and like whatever you want. Even if it is a movie like this.

[FYI i didnt voluntarily watch this movie, it was being played in the bus i was travelling in. and if you are a sane person please dont watch this. It will make you question the basic physics].

Out of all the movies i watched in 2016, this is probably the best. I watched Kalo pothi, Jaatra and Bijuli Machine and the movie shown in the picture above. Bijuli Machine shows the problems faced by scientists or inventors in Nepal. And it is the truth. If you have been following the news you may know that Mahabir pun is going to establish an innovation center for scientists in Nepal, where different inventions will be funded by the national innovation center and for that Mahabir pun is collecting funds from the public. So movie shows the real problems.

Bijuli Machine proves that you dont need a action packed, Punchline packed movie. Hell it doesnt even need an item song (Might come as a shock, But as it turns out it doesnt need it). This is truly unique direction that this movie has taken. And if you want Nepali movies to have a unique image, and not a carbon copy of indian and south indian movies, this is the path they should take.

This movie wasnt promoted like most of the movies but ,you know, diamonds rarely need any polishing.

Rating : 4/5

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