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[SOLVED] What to do if your Bluebook is lost or damaged?

Posted by Gaurav Vasistha on August 03,2022 , views (117)


Congratulations!! you are sloppy and you've lost your Bluebook just like me or damaged your bluebook while washing your pants just like me.

But worry not my friend. as I am here to guide you through the process of acquiring your bluebook.

Lets just get on with it.

Step 1 : Did you really lose it ? Check everywhere (if you misplaced it and applied for another and then you'll have 2 blue books and -500 + taxes so check thoroughly).

Step 2: If you have damaged your existing bluebook and still have the remains you can just skip to Step 5 , if you've lost it then first go to https://ldims.nepalpolice.gov.np/ and fill up the details of your lost bluebook.

Step 3: you are provided with a serial number after you submit this, save it to use it to check the application status tomorrow. ( it sometimes takes some time to check)

Step 4: if your bluebook is found in Traffic Police Headquarters then you will be notified that your bluebook has been found or some action is being taken due to some violation while you check your application

(your bluebook may be used by someone after you lost it [Happens more often than you think ] and violated some regulation).

If your Bluebook is not found in Traffic office then you'll be provided with clearance letter , you'll need to print it.

Step 5: Then Go to Department of Transport Management Gurjudhara with your citizenship and your passport-sized photo and some cash (Tax amount of current fiscal year + 500 for new Bluebook).

Step 6: Get your tax clearance statement printed out (they will print it you'll just have to tell them your Number)

Step 7: Go to the Bank counter which is located little further and clear the tax and pay Jaribana for being sloppy.

Step 8: Take the voucher and fill up a form for lost / damaged bluebook. (you'll find the form in any chiya pasal there)

Step 9: Then you'll need to go to Faat to get the file of your bike (ask bike ko file kaha khojna jane ho , Everyone tell you) ( Again you'll just have to tell them your bike number , and they will get you your file).

Step 10 : Take your File along with citizenship,photo and application from Step 8 and go to naya Bluebook banaune thau (forgot FAAT number).

Step 11: Go to the location and rooms are seperated according to lot number and provide your details to the officer , they'll ask you to go search for your Dhadda.

Step 12: Go to the Dhadda bhako room and search for your lot number ko dhadda, the dhadda are named after lot numbers like 70,80 , 90.

Step 13: After you've found the dhadda , go to the page number corresponding to your bike number and fill the details for lost / damaged bluebook. (mine is almost full as i have damaged one time and lost another time )

Step 14: Write the details of lost / damaged bluebook in that page (like others have written in other pages )

Step 15: Submit the dhadda / file / your citizenship / photo to the office , they will fill up a new bluebook.

Step 16: Go to other room to get your bluebook validated and approved.

Congratulations!! you've got a new bluebook.

and if you ever lose it again come visit this page again.

[Note: some bros are willing to help you with all these processes, and if you take their services they'll probably charge you from 1000 to 2000 and you'll just have to follow them and step back and relax.

but if you want to save that money and have enough time follow these steps and you'll be file.]

There may be some minor changes in the processes from the publishing of this post to current date, if you found some things different please comment so that it can help others with new processes.

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