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​5 clichés in nepali movies

Posted by Gaurav Vasistha on July 28,2017 , views (2240)

5. Mustang

Mustang is a great place and it has some unique sceneries but that does not mean that every movie needs to have a shot of Mustang whether it is relevant to the story or not. Nowadays, almost all nepali movies have a romantic song shot in mustang. Everyone must have felt that..

I am not trying to say that mustang is a bad place and I am not saying that they should stop shooting movies in mustang altogether but there are other things you could shoot in mustang like its people, culture and hundreds of other things but we have become kinda fed up with the main actor and actress dancing in front to that particular landscape.

4. Bullet

Again, bullet is a great bike but it does not have to mean that every movie needs to have someone riding a bullet.

Why can’t the Nepalese movie makers become more creative? It is good to see a good bike in a movie but again Nepalese movie makers take it too far if they find something good.

3. Jabarjasti acting

Nepali movies fail to capture the real emotions from actors. Actors look like they are forced to act and their acting looks really uncomfortable. It makes even the audience feel uneasy. Their joke seems to be lousy and their robotic expressions take the fun out of the joke. There are some great Nepali actors too. But their efforts and hard work is overshadowed by the overrated and overly attractive actors.

This doesn’t just happen in Nepal. It seems beauty is more attractive than talent. Hollywood movies also have similar problem. They also cast beautiful actors instead of more talented ones. This is one reason to prefer British movies than Hollywood movies where you can find a lot of ugly but really talented actors.

2. Unnecessary action/exposure/dialogues

I am certain that if you have watched a Nepali movie where you have felt that some scene was completely unnecessary whether it is a fight sequence or love making scene or some dialogue that has no relation to the plot of the movie and doesn’t move the story of the movie forward. There are very few movies that you can watch with your family. I feel ashamed to watch even the trailers.

I watched the movie Resham Filili on the day of the earthquake and that movie was almost the greatest disaster in Nepalese history. It was a collection of gags that have been used in the movies too much and it had no story at all.

Some stories may need some bold scenes but every movie probably doesn’t need every actress to do such scenes or an item song in the movie. Sometimes you find actresses who are really smart playing roles that make you question their intelligence.

We call our actors “Heroes” because they are almost always portrayed as good people. But in making the heroes look like heroes there are some dialogues and parts in movie that are completely useless.

1. Rajesh Hamal

The mahanayak of nepali movie, the greatest actor in Nepal, Mr rajesh hamal is in the top of this list just because he has starred in more than 230 nepali movies and that is a like half of half of good nepali movies. He is an fair looking actor with fair acting skills. But just having him act in a movie won’t make the movie hit anymore.

Honorable mentions (which almost made it to my list): baseless stories, plot holes, overrated actors, foreign influence

Nepalese movie makers are afraid to take a leap of faith and jump into new genre of movies and tend to follow similar and already successful movies. With movies from all around the world available to the general audience at a click of a button, I really hope that they step up their game because the new generation may not be as patient and tolerating as our generation who have watched movies like Resham Filili just to support Nepali movies. They need to note that we have watched a lot of movies and if they copy Hollywood, Bollywood, Korean, Japanese, Chinese or any movie, we will know.

Which do you find most irritating?
5. Mustang Scenes
4. Bullet
3. Unnatural Acting
2. Unnecessary Bold scenes
1. Use of famous actors to get the fans.
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