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​5 reasons for Linkin parks popularity in Nepal

Posted by Gaurav Vasistha on July 29,2017 , views (3054)

Reason for so many Nepalese people remembering and mourning for Chester is because of Linkin park’s popularity in Nepal.

Linkin park became popular all over the world in a small period of time and that included small countries like Nepal too.

5. Nepalese teens started listening to English songs more than before.

The first time I ever heard Chester’s voice was in a Video game parlor and three things were common there. They were kids playing PlayStation, sound of contra, tekken/street fighter, and Linkin park’s songs from hybrid theory and meteora in the background. I used to go there every day and they’d play those albums almost every day. It was played in the radio as well. And because we wanted to be the cool kids who listened to English music we listened to the radio and tried to memorize the lyrics even though we were just saying random things instead of actual words.

I didn’t know what it was or whose song was that until my brother bought their cassette. We listened to it over and over again.

I think most of the linkin park fans in Nepal have a similar story as mine. Maybe it is from video games or radios or other things but Linkin park was the definition of western music for kids my age in Nepal.

4.Linkin park influenced Nepalese music as well.

One reason for linkin parks music sounding so familier is because of its influence in Nepalese music. Bands like C.O.D have admitted that they were so influenced by Linkin park that they started a band when they were just kids.

3.Rock music was getting really popular in Nepal .

With songs from Cobweb,1974 AD, Nepathya and others being played in NTV, Nepalese music industry was turning to rock which later gave birth to bands like of Shadows,uglyz and The Edge. And somehow a band from the west got squeezed in between those bands.

2.Linkin park is considered as a gateway to rock and hip-hop.

Most of the music lovers who argue in facebook pages about whether rock or hip-hop is better, have probably found their way into their Genre through Linkin park. Linkin park united the fans from both Genres. And they are best in both. Mike’s flawless Rap and Chesters screams will forever be embedded in this generations mind and heart.

1.Coolest band.

Linkin park was coolest band because we saw or heard ourselves in their songs. They represented the fans. Even though they changed their music style and received lots of backlashes from us fans, their music had soul even in the latest albums.

I listened to what they say but didn’t understand what they meant until Chester’s passing. Now that he is gone I find meaning in all of their songs whether old or new.


He was so full of life.

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