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How screwed is littlefinger this season??

Posted by Gaurav Vasistha on August 08,2017 , views (3430)

Little finger is known as a man who is always prepared. And he himself as said this to people. Even in this season he was telling sansa about how she should fight every battle in her mind so that every battle would not be a surprise to her. While telling this he has been surrounded by starks who hate them.

If we look back from the beginning of the show, he hasnt been able to sweet talk any starks. The only one that seems to be influenced a little is sansa. But she doesn't trust him either. While talking about the Valerian steel dagger she says ,” little finger doesnt give anything to anyone unless he wants something in return”. So he is trying to persuade starks and he should realise by now that they wont listen to him.

I think sansa saying “lone wolf dies but the pack survives” is about the stark children killing little finger. Bran will certainly tell his sisters and jon about little fingers betrayal to their father. And Arya, the faceless assassin, will carryout the task.

If little finger was as smart as he seems, he should leave Winterfell and return back to eyrie.

He tried talking to jon which didn't go as planned, he tried talking to bran and bran also threatened him in a passive aggressive way, he is counseling sansa but I dont think he will even try to talk to Arya. She has already given him an evil eye while he was staring at her during her dual with Brianne.

It is 90% certain that he will die in this season, it is just the question of who will carry it out. Arya, sansa or Jon (after he returns from Dragonstone and Eastwatch)

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