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5 Similarities between Prachanda and Trump

Posted by Gaurav Vasistha on October 09,2016 , views (1975)

Prachanda and donald trump are politicians and they have some similarities. so lets look into that.

5. Tiny hands??

some of you know that trump has been mocked by many on his tiny hands and he has responded to them publically. and then while preparing this article i stumbled upon similar image of prachanda. and i think his hands are pretty small too. Lol.

4. Both weren't interested in the becoming the president/prime minister at first.

Prachanda was leading a "revolution to change the nation" where as Donald trump was just visiting beauty pageant before they decided to go for the chair.

3. Both have love for firing.

One is known for statement "You're fired!" that once became his catchphrase in the show called apprentice and other is known for literally firing at people.

2. Both have lied publically about the numbers that represent their power.

Prachanda lied about the number of soldiers he had and he, himself admitted that was a lie in a private video that went viral few years back. Similarly trump lied about his net worth.

1. Both believe that Dividing the country based upon religion/caste/race will bring peace.

This is the most important and dangerous similarity between the two. Prachanda is known to have supported the caste wise division. and Donald trump came to everyone attention when he said that he would ban Muslims from coming to America.

can you write some more similarities. please write them down. and dont get offended if you are a prachanda fan or trump fan.

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