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5 Things you need to be careful about while riding a motorbike in Kathmandu and ways to avoid them

Posted by Gaurav Vasistha on June 15,2017 , views (3372)

Streets of Kathmandu have become busier than they have ever been before. Even with all the road expansions and everything the roads are just too crowded. I have listed the things that one must be careful about while riding a bike in Kathmandu. And these are only for fun. If you are anyone of the following, don’t get offended.

5. Kids.

Poor family planning means there are lot of kids, like a lot, Uncontrollable amount of kids. And what do kids love, apart from getting on your nerves, running around in the streets. They run without caring about their surroundings [lesson no 1: always mind your surrounding]. Even if you are driving really slowly, kids will hit your bike and it might look like you hit them because they’d be hurt.

So, one way to avoid running kids over is to stop the bike as soon as you see a kid. It doesn’t matter if the kid is 100 meters away, those monsters will hit your bike in a blink of an eye. Also include dogs and other pets in this category.

4. Carefree ball scratchers/ nose pickers.

These are probably those people who were monstrous kids once. These people, just like kids, will walk in the streets like the street is empty and make no mistake, honking a horn will not alert them. They have decreased hearing abilities and one way to identify them is that they are always scratching some part of their body. And also, you must not yell at them because they are really aggressive and yell louder than you and you’ll only make a fool out of yourselves. The nose pickers yell a little less than the ball scratchers. Ball scratcher is someone who has very little sense of shame and will scratch his balls even in the presence of other human beings. They will yell louder. You should also not make eye contact with them to be safe because the thing that ticks them differs from one ball scratcher to another.

The way to avoid hitting them is also to stop as soon as you see them. Although they are not as fast as the kids, you need to stop because they won’t. They will walk like you aren’t even there. And, under no circumstances, make eye contact with them.

3. Other riders.

I say riders and not bikers because the one riding scooters are more dangerous. They will turn without considering what is behind them or in front of them. And they probably think that the only purpose of mirror is to take a selfie in front of it or see their face. That’s probably what they think of side mirrors as well, because they never look at them. And they are full of attitude. If you hit them, I hope you have taken some ‘getting beaten’ lessons in school because they will hit you and hurt you.

Only way to avoid them is to ride safely yourself and if you hit them then you’re screwed and even if they hit you, you’re the one that should apologize, not them, because they are unable to apologize.

2. Pretty girls.

These have also become one of the major problems for riders of young age. Because pretty girls are everywhere, and one must first learn to master the art of ignoring those pretty girls on the road before getting a license. Actually I hope new licensing trial has one pretty girl standing near the trial place just to test the person’s resistance. It has been found out in a latest research that most of the bike accidents happen because of pretty girls on the road [not].

Ways to avoid them in road are meditation, self-control, concentration and a lot and lot of willpower.

1. Traffic police.

Traffic police, mostly are good people but the reason you need to be careful near them is because they are scary. And the most scary part is when they ask for lift in your bike. This is one of the scariest moment in a bike riders life. When a traffic police asks for a lift in your bike, you cannot say no or they will start thinking something is wrong and start investigating. Once you say yes the traffic police will climb in your bike and your real test starts there. You’ll start panicking and get nervous about stupidest of things like whether you are wearing your helmet right or not. You will become so much aware of everything around you. You will turn on your turn signal just 5 seconds before you take the turn. And you are careful not to put your finger in the horn, because the traffic police will stop you right there and write a ticket right away.

Ways to avoid giving lifts to traffic are: always have someone behind on your bike, if you cannot find someone, tie something heavy like a blanket, or anything that would make sitting in the back really uncomfortable.

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