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Deadpool Review!!! SPOILERS

Posted by Gaurav Vasistha on February 23,2015 , views (661)

Deadpool brought so many new things to its audiences. The constant breaking of the 4th wall is the least of it. And the movie is already breaking so many records. Well, It was supposed to happen because he is the character to get this much popularity in a short period. He is the unofficial king of internet because he talks and jokes with the audiences. Anyone who uses uses facebook or 9gag must have encountered deadpool in these recent weeks.

In the movie deadpool is seen to be talking to the audiences more than any other characters. For those of you who dont know it yet it is one of deadpool's powers. He has comic-awareness which means he knows he is a comic character.There were few moments in the movie when Ryan Raynolds absolutely nails it. Like the reference to the studios inability to bring more X-men characters. I was really hoping that Hugh Jackman would be there at some point in the movie.

I thought the movie was brilliant right from the start credits to the end credit scene. Deadpool mimics the "ferris bueller's day off" end credit.

ferris bueller's day off

(we were waiting in the theater for end credit and looked like complete idiots. )

There are other reasons to love the movie as well. Deadpool's girlfriend who is also a comic book character called copy cat beautifully portrait-ed by Morena Baccarin.

Deadpool doesnt stop teasing AJAX (Francis) even in the most serious scenes. Which turns those serious scenes into funny ones. [BTW ajax is a villen]

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Here are the trailers for those of you who still havent watched them.

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