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Iron Fist Review (SPOILERS)

Posted by Gaurav Vasistha on March 29,2017 , views (1177)

Cast: Finn Jones, Jessica Henwick, Tom Pelphrey, Jessica Stroup, Ramón Rodríguez, Sacha Dhawan, Rosario Dawson, David Wenham

Synopsis: Finn Jones stars as the Iron Fist/ Danny Rand. This is another series for Netflix from Marvel after Daredevil, Jessica Jones and Luke Cage. This is the final series before uniting the Defenders. Danny Rand who has just returned from K'un-Lun tries to fit in to his previous life. But things arent what they used to be when he left.

After the success of Daredevil, Luke Cage, Jessica Jones it was time for the last member of the defenders. And I was hoping iron fist would be as awesome as the Daredevil season 1 but it is only like a characters introduction series. And since it is from Netflix, it is excruciatingly long. Sometimes it feels like forever. But I still think it is better than what arrow looks like these days. Iron fist has the same story as Batman, Green Arrow, etc. but it could have been so much better. Iron fist is supposed to be calm and collected and not panicking all the time. So I think that the 17% which they got from rotten tomatoes was well deserved.

Casting was not that bad though. People complained about Danny Rand not being Asian but that was staying true to the comics. That’s how the story goes in the comics. And since his story is similar to batman or the green arrow can you imagine Asians portraying batman or arrow. But doctor strange maybe. Lol.

But they should know that just adding people who have appeared on Game Of thrones doesnt make your show any better.

Another annoying thing in Iron Fist is Claire Temple. She was okay in all other shows. I get it. She is supposed to be the Phil Coulson of the Defenders. She ties all of the characters together. But somehow her character and personality changed drastically from the last time we saw her. And how can I forget Bakuto, A cheesy and cliché type of a villain. Madam Gao is so much more complex and scary to some extent but they somehow managed to ruin her character as well. She was such a mysterious and powerful character in daredevil. And iron fist’s writers thought they needed to change that in order to make the iron fist more powerful than the devil of hell’s kitchen.

That awkward moment when daredevil looks more like Iron Fist than Iron fist.

Iron fist was probably only created so that they could lead up to the Defenders but they ended up ruining it to such extent that it cannot be fixed. I swear, if I see Bakuto again in the defenders , I wont watch a single episode.

Only 2 things that makes the series worth watching are Jessica Henwick and the character Ward Meachum. Jessica Henwick is probably the only reason I watched the show till the end.

And Ward Meachum is the only character that is worth watching and a character that evolved as the show progressed. The writers could create such great characters and how could they screw up the main characters??

For me, here is what iron fist must be like.

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