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Silicon valley: what’s going to happen next in season 4

Posted by Gaurav Vasistha on May 02,2017 , views (1934)

Silicon valley season 4 started with Richard’s unwillingness to pivot from his original idea and stepping down as CEO and appointing Dinesh as the CEO of PiperChat, who wasn’t able to handle the pressure of being a CEO for more than one episode. PiperChat failed miserably due to not having an age restriction in their video chat which sent an open invite to kids and pedophiles. But they cleverly sell PiperChat to hooli.

Now that Gavin Belson has realized that he has bought a time bomb that will certainly explode, He has two alternatives; one is to shut down PiperChat before it catches anyone’s attention or to pay the fine. I think he will probably choose the first alternative because the fine is even too much for Hooli. Or he might even put the blame on Jack Barker (this is also very likely; poor Jack Barker).

The team will probably start working on the “New Internet” that Richard is planning on. And Gilfoyle will probably keep mocking Dinesh for his failure for the rest of the season. Elrich is going to have to manage the shares between the team. Big head is going to be Big head. And Jian Yang, I really hope his Octopus recipe app succeeds.

I have to say, HBO is bringing a lot of good shows. There is Game of thrones, Westworld, Silicon Valley. Netflix is trying really hard to keep up with them. Netflix also has some great shows like 13 reasons why, but also some shitty ones like Iron Fist (if you want to know how much I hated Iron Fist Click here).

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