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My top 5 anime.

Posted by Gaurav Vasistha on October 08,2015 , views (582)

A lot of people are addicted to Anime in Nepal and the thing is that there is no way you are ever gonna run out of anime to watch. Anime has become a part of daily routine for youngsters and no kids don’t watch anime they probably don’t get it and the content is made for matured audience specially those Japanese anime. In almost every anime there seems to be one pervert, one loud mouth, one crazy girl, and a shy one of course.

So here is a list of Top 5 anime.

Steins; Gate

It is about a scientist who looks like he is totally out of his mind and has some friends (pretty girls and a fat guy). He believes that an organization is conspiring against him and his team who sends text messages to the past to warn themselves about the things to come. I think it is a great show. I didn’t get bored for a single episode. It is short and complete. That is what makes you love this show.7

Sword art online

This one is about a guy who gets stuck in a game along with a lot of people who played the game, and has to fight his way through to get out to the real world. Kind of like The matrix. It is a great show and somewhat a new concept in the anime.


I have been watching Naruto for around 6 years now. It is one of the things that made me get through college by killing boredom. And now is almost over. You can ask me anything from this show and I can give you the answer (If only I had been this confident about my studies).

Basically it is about a guy named Naruto who dreams about becoming a Hokage (Strongest leader of the village). It is a show about him chasing his dream along with his friends. The first part was about that and most of the second part was, Naruto trying to get his friend sasuke to the good side which made it kind of lame for some time. After all these years you might get attached to the character and hope he succeeds.

Code Geass

This is a show I really loved and again this I didn’t get bored for a single moment while I was watching this one. It is about a prince who exiled by his father who takes care of is blind and paralyzed sister. The main plot begins when Lelouch Lamperouge gains a supernatural power in his eyes which can makes him able to command anyone to do whatever he wants. He uses this father to fight against his father.

Death note

This is one show that you need to watch at all costs. It is not that long and is super awesome. It is about a student who stumbles upon a supernatural notebook that kills anyone whose name is written on it (I think George R.R Martin also owns one of those). His name is light yagami who is a top student of japan and also follows spiderman’s motto, Which is, “with great power comes great responsibility”. He punishes the criminals using this notebook. A super detective known as “L” works to stop light from doing this. This show is about two geniuses trying to kill each other.

There are some other animes that are awesome but didnt make it to the list and they are: Attack on titan, Bleach, One piece, Avatar. There are still some that i may have forgotten. So if i remember them, i will post them.

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