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The Martian review (SPOILERS)

Posted by Gaurav Vasistha on January 15,2016 , views (544)

It seems Matt Damon fits the description of the guy who gets lost a lot. :)

Martian is based on the novel of the same name published in 2011. The whole concept of a person being stranded alone in a planet seems very scary.

In the movie Castaway Tom Hanks has to go through so many troubles in an island and the problems he faces seem very critical and martian takes the problems to a whole new level.

The way the problems are presented and creative solutions to those problems is one of the major reason why Martian is a class apart from other movies.

This is above normal survival movie. It is a heartwarming movie.

Survival movies are great to begin with. Because of the desperate actions that people have to take in such conditions.

Like drinking their own Piss (127 Hours), talking to a blood stained volleyball (castaway) or growing potatoes by dipping them your crews poo.

We get to learn some useful things from these movies too.

I hope they cast Bear Grylls in some survival movie. It should be amazing to see him eat insects dipping in pee sauce.

Review By: Gaurav Vasistha

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