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Reasons why “13 reasons why” is the best series to watch this summer.

Posted by Gaurav Vasistha on May 04,2017 , views (1163)

“13 reasons why” is a show where a teen named Hannah Baker kills herself and leaves 7 tapes to give 13 reasons for killing herself. As the show progresses more and more shocking new things are revealed. Hanna Baker has created a rule where the person who is on the tapes shall pass the tape to the next person mentioned on the tape and if anyone decides to break this chain, another set of tapes would be released to the public.

Suicide is a difficult topic. Or death in general is a very difficult thing. When someone dies, we all wish we could have said something to them or done something for them when they were alive. And when someone kills themselves, you feel like if something you said could have stopped them from taking their own life. You regret not being there for them. And even though there are lot of movies and stories which revolve around this topic there isn’t one quite like this show. This show shows that how, when someone says something they don’t actually mean it. And that sometimes they don’t want you to do what they asked you to do. I know, it sounds messed up, but that’s what people feel in real life. This show is the combination of suspense, emotion, psychology and many other things.

The series is from Netflix so it is around 50 minutes to 1 hour but since I enjoyed it so much, I didn’t feel that long. This show is highly recommended and is getting all the hype it needs. If you think I only watch mainstream series and movies, well, things become mainstream because they are good and people appreciate it.

I couldn’t stop watching this show, so, the first night I watched it till 4 am and stopped to get some sleep after the birds started chirping. Plus all the characters are like a well-oiled machine with awesome chemistry. Katherine Langford is just so amazing and so is everyone else.

So the reasons for watching this great show are:

You will learn to understand people J. You will also learn to appreciate friendship. Enjoy doing stupid things with friends. Realize which moment is special and not. So watch it ASAP..

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