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What is Knowledge?

Posted by Gaurav Vasistha on June 09,2021 , views (443)

Knowledge is the personal set of standard of how the things should act. Cool thing about knowledge in humans is that it can be gained through

experience or be passed on by other people. Animals too have knowledge but it is mostly gained through experience. What makes humans superior to other

animals is that we can gain knowledge through experience or it can be passed on by someone else who has experienced it.

Knowledge tells us what should be done and what should not be done.

When human started evolving, they started passing on their knowledge to their young ones so that they would easily understand and know what and how things works. So Vedas are besically knowledge passed on to the other generation on what should and what shouldn't be done.

Thats besically it. But another thing about knowledge is that knowledge is personal. Which means it can or cannot be fact.

Knowledge is not always fact. Knowledge gained through experience or knowledge that has been passed on both can be true or false. It is highly influenced by opinions and biases. Different People can experience same things and get different knowledge.

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