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Why cant humans be binary?

Posted by Gaurav Vasistha on January 18,2019 , views (874)

You've all heard that computers compute in binary. Everything is either true or false.

Whereas everything in nature works in between those, and so do the humans.

We do not require a 100% truth, we are good just with "truth enough".

For us humans if something sounds somewhat truthful, we consider it to be the truth.

Sometimes out of ignorance or sometimes for our own benefits. That is why there are no

actual heroes or vilian, everyone is in the grey area. Nothing is absolutely white and

Nothing is absolutely dark. No any evil person in the world has thought of themselves as

a bad person. Everyone justifies their action. There is always a reason for everyone's action.

Even if there isn't we will find a reason.

When i was a kid and i was playing with my cousins, one of the little ones fell from a window and started crying.

I immediately started panicking and tried to run away from there. And when everything settled the little one confronted

me in front of everyone and asked me why i tried to run away. I had no answer there. But my sister defended me saying that

I was probably trying to get help. And i liked that version better than what had really happened. And i also believed that was what i was going to do.

That is just one example of what we accept as the truth. I have faced and been a part of many such instances.

I bet thats the reason why we hate complete truth. Cause it is not exactly what we want.

We want our own version of the truth.

I dont think people will ever google "why cant humans be binary?".

Still i love this title and even though nobody reads this, i just needed to let go of some steam.

Can you guess how much truth is there in the statement above??

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