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Why wasnt there more efficient way for thanos to control overpopulation?

Posted by Gaurav Vasistha on September 06,2019 , views (743)

Thanos is supposed to be an intelligent villain and a visionary. He was regarded as a genius even within his kind and had refined his intellectual aptitude because of his long life. He predicted that his planet was in brink of collapse because of lack of resources. He even suggested plans to control this. He has shown just how intelligent he is through his actions on many occasions. He has outsmarted Loki and manipulated people to get what he wants (mostly Infinity stones).

However, even simpletons like ourselves can guess that there are more efficient ways to control overpopulation.

Other simple plans can still be less tragic and less avenge worthy than eliminating half of life on the universe.

He could easily do one of these things or even make half of the life forms gay or infertile. and in doing so, he probably wouldn't even need all the stones. Or he could teach kids in a very persuasive way with the use of mind stone and soul stones the impact of overpopulation. This would certainly be a better option and the one with less bloodshed.

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