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"You are under no obligation to be the same person you were five minutes ago"

MCIS materials

ere are the study materials that are shared in the google drive.+ notes of "Unix and linux" also shared in google drive.DDBMSEPITSPMUNIX AND LINUX and some questions..QUESTIONS UPTO 2013QUESTIONS UPTO 2015 ...Read More

Anime suggestions for anime lovers

Rosario + vampire This is the anime that gives you the total anime experience. All the things that an anime needs to have are on it. The plot moves really slow but the overall story is kind of good. It is a story of a boy who ...Read More

Game of thrones season 6 synopsis till now

Why? Just why did you have to kill summer and shaggydog? So far every episode in GOTS06 has had an unexpected deaths in them. They are trying so hard to make it unpredictable that it is getting predictable. The directors have got it all wrong. They probably think that people want more deaths and ...Read More

Cemetery Gates by Prides of Ashes

[Intro] Am Em Em F C C[Verse] Am Em Bury Me underground,That's where i Belong F C Find me a Cemetery gates,That's where I'm gonna live Am Em Find me a Coffin, That's where I'm gonna rest F C Because now I'm dying, I can ...Read More

Batman V Superman : Dawn of Justice Review (Mj. SPOILERS )

So here it is guys! Finally i have decided to write a review of the long awaited Batman V Superman : Dawn of Justice. I watched it in the second week of its release because of some of reasons but i was careful not to get any spoilers. It was overall a good movie but i have to tell you that the ...Read More

Deadpool Review!!! SPOILERS

Deadpool brought so many new things to its audiences. The constant breaking of the 4th wall is the least of it. And the movie is already breaking so many records. Well, It was supposed to happen because he is the character to get this much popularity in a short period. He is the unofficial king ...Read More

The Martian review (SPOILERS)

It seems Matt Damon fits the description of the guy who gets lost a lot. :) Martian is based on the novel of the same name published in 2011. The whole concept of a person being stranded alone in a planet seems very scary. In the movie Castaway Tom Hanks has to go through so many troubles in ...Read More

My top 5 anime.

A lot of people are addicted to Anime in Nepal and the thing is that there is no way you are ever gonna run out of anime to watch. Anime has become a part of daily routine for youngsters and no kids don’t watch anime they probably don’t get it and the content is made for matured audience ...Read More

What would have happened if Buddha was born somewhere else?

We are all Nepalese. And at some point during our childhood we were taught to be proud of being Nepalese, but is that something that we should be proud of?? Aren't we supposed to be proud of our own accomplishments and doings and not something that our ancestors did. I am not saying that what they ...Read More

History of Indian interference with its neighbors business.

India was ruled by British from 1858 to 1947. There was a very popular concept which Britishers used that is "Divide and conquer". This was the strategy used to take control over India. The Britishes left and India became independent. The british learned valuable lesson from Indians and Indians ...Read More